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Beetlejuice » Season 3

season three

episode 01------Mom's Best Friend
episode 02------Back-to-School Ghoul
episode 03------Doomie's Romance
episode 04------Ghost to Ghost
episode 05------Spitting Image
episode 06------Awards to the Wise
episode 07------The Prince of Rock & Roll
episode 08------A Ghoul & His Money
episode 09------Brides of Funkenstein
episode 10------Beetledude
episode 11------The Farmer in the Smell

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Beetlejuice » Season 2

season two

episode 01------Dragster of Doom
episode 02------Scare and Scare Alike
episode 03------Spooky Boo-Tique
episode 04------Driven Crazy
episode 05------Scummer Vacation
episode 06------Bewitched, Bothered and Beetlejuiced
episode 07/08--Dr, Beetle and Mr. Juice / Running Scared
episode 09/10--The Really Odd Couple / Aha
episode 11------Uncle BJ's Roadshow
episode 12------Scarecrow
episode 13------The Son Dad Never Had

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Beetlejuice » Season 1

season one

episode 01------Critter Sitters
episode 02/03--The Big Face Off / Skeletons in the Closet
episode 04/05--A Danday Handy Man / Out Of My Mind
episode 06/07--Stage Fright / Spookey Tree
episode 08------Laugh of the Party
episode 09------Worm Welcome
episode 10/11--Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice / Campfire Ghouls
episode 12------Pest o' the West
episode 13/14--Bizarre Bazaar / Pat On The Back
episode 15/16--Poopsie / It's the Pits
episode 17------Prince of the Neitherworld
episode 18------Quit While You're A Head
episode 19/20--Cousin BJ / Beetlejuice's Parents

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